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We are sorry, but we are no longer taking any photo submissions.


9 thoughts on “Upload Your Cat

  1. sir/mam admin, i cant upload photos on both my ie and chrome, must i install firefox? i cant see the upload form that used to be down here. sorry i had to comment here, and thank you! pls fix soon?

  2. If you are no longer taking any photo submissions, then why are there new, recent photos on this site dated a few days ago??

    1. I have several hundred submissions that are still pending, from the past few years. The reason I can’t take any more submissions is that the submission form no longer works, and I am not sure how to fix it.

  3. I’m guessing it’s time for someone else to start a new site so that there isn’t a kink in posting and seeing new photos. Something like this should never have limitations.

  4. The site might be less of a scratching post for now though it’s legend lives on. When we can share our cat pictures again, our cats must cat-guess.

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